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At the arrival of Christopher Ross, the Moroccan authorities harasses the prominent HR defender, Aminatou Haidar
Jueves, 01 de Noviembre de 2012 05:45
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31 October...

Aminatou Haidar, the chairwoman of CODESA, The Collective of Sahrawi Human Rights Defenders, based in El Aayoun, was subjected to harassment by the Moroccan police today afternoon.

Aminatou says she left home to witness and register the police blockade in El Ayun, intensified at the arrival of the UN envoy Christopher Ross to the capital of Western Sahara. She was stopped by two police agents, one in uniform, the other in plainclothes, at 5.15 the outskirts of Minurso Headquarters, asking about her destination. Aminatou considered this act a violation of her right to movement, protesting against hindering her freedom to mobilization without any legal reason.

While continuing to drive in the city centre, she was surprised by a police Prado following her and controlling all her movements, until she reached Maatallah neighbourhood, where a large Sahrawi population is concentrated. Then, an ill-known Moroccan police officer, Mohamed Elhassouni, started taking photos for her from a police Volkswagen, registered as 136769~ش . At her protest against this harassment, more police vans arrived to surround the place and repress any sort of mass protest.

Leaving the place, Aminatou was put under strict surveillance by a Fiat Palio -registered as 131372- belonging to an intelligence service, called ‘Les Renseignements Généraux’, along Smara Street, until she arrived at the CODESA Secretary General, Elarbi Messoud’s house, where more surveillance cars joined.

Aminatou adds that her house is still under police surveillance; her home telephone, mobile phone and internet connection are being controlled and spoilt.

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